Tent Field


Since the season of 2020 we appointed the spare area around the Barn and the flowerbeds as a tent field. 
This space appaered to be very useful for this, because of the many cyclist and hikers staying with us.
We have decorated the field with laterns and extra picknicktables.

This part of the camping site is only available for small tents (without electricity), no campers or caravans are accepted on this field
For charging you phone you can turn to one of the electricity points in the Barn, for electric bikes there are charging facilities
in the bicycle shed!



The prices for 1 night are:  

* Hiking Tent
    incl. 2 persons, no electricity              €  16.00

    incl. 1 person, no electricity                €  14.50

* Tourist taxes pro person/pro night      €    1,70   


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