Times of Arrival and Departure:

Ypu can check in from 13.00 and check out before 12.00. If you want to leave after 12.00, thatś only possible when consulted and not able to reserve. We will charge 4 euros per person.

by we ask you to inform us about visitors beforehand. We will charge 2 euros per person on your aount.


Camping vehicle:

We ask you to place your vehicle with the entrance to the front of the camping place.



Our camping site has a no-car policy, so please park your car on the parkingspaces after placing your camping vehicle. The parkingspaces are located at the entrance of our campingsite. To move groceries, thereś a wheelbarrow available.


It's forbidden to smoke around the sanitary facilities and the recreational spaces.


Using the baby bath is only for children from 0 to 2 years old.

Recreational spaces:

Using the recreational spaces and available toys is at your own risk.


Ground Cloth:

We prefer air permeable cloth.



At the parking spaces there is a collection point for paper, glass and other waste. We ask you to recycle as much as possible.

Only the wastebin near the washing places is for common use and will be emptied by us. We ask you nicely to use water and lectricity with care for the environment.


Minicamping Loeksham - Jeanine & Harke -  Wilhelmsweg 28 - 7814 VD Emmen

 Tel: 06-25584286  / E:

IBAN: NL03INGB0004961322